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This is my first time using Planet imagery for my research so please excuse any ignorance. 

I've got two analytic planetscope scenes from about a year apart and they don't appear to be aligned correctly when displayed in ArcGIS (see the attached image of the mountain ridge lines). 

I've previously used lots of Landsat imagery and am aware of the need to acquire images on the same satellite path/row for correct alignment, but I can't find any similar information for planetscope? 

Is this an orthorectification issue or am I not finding the correct images to download? 





  • Will,

    The top image appears to have significant processing problems.  Is this a band view including NIR?  There are obvious band alignment problems which would only occur with the NIR band of "classic" planetscope imagery, but could also happen with red, green and blue from newer instruments.  

    It does look like there are spatial alignment problems as well, though it may be mostly the result of the band alignment problems in the top product. 

    Generally speaking our automated map tiedown process works well, but there are always outliers with more than expected positioning error, and problems are particularly common in high terrain areas. 

    There is no equivelent to selecting the same row/column as you might in landsat.  But it can be helpful to exclude any imagery with "ground_control: False", and "quality_category: Test" .  

    Best regards,


  • Hi Frank,

    Thanks for your response. The images were displayed in ArcMap in RGB. The image is from August 2019: 20190801_101433_00_1069_3B_AnalyticMS

    I'll look for alternate imagery then. 



  • Will,

    I have reviewed that item, and it is from a recent satellite architecture (instrument = PS2.SD) and it is clear that the band registration is terrible in some areas (red, green and blue are many pixels out of alignment along track).   I'll point this example out to the team, but this can happen in high terrain areas.   

    Best regards,



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