Why aren't visual scenes available for ordering?

 Whenever I want to order items, only analytic and basic scenes are available for order.  It always says there are (0) visual scenes available, even though I was able to order a visual scene during an earlier order.  I am wondering why this is?  I am trying to get colored tiff images.  



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    Hi Joshua,

    Thank you for writing on Planet Community.

    Visual scenes are only available for PSScene3Band, please make sure you are only ordering 3band products?

    If you are still running into this issue, please send a screenshot of what you are seeing.


    Best Regards,


  • Hi Pooja! 

    I'm new to the Planet Community so I may be missing something, but https://developers.planet.com/docs/orders/product-bundles-reference/ seems to indicate that visual scenes are available for more than just PSScene3Band? For example REOrthoTile also seems to have visual scenes?


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