Basemaps in Orders API FAQ


Below is a list of FAQ's for Basemaps in Planet's Orders API. 


Is the Basemaps API being deprecated and do I need to migrate?

No, the Basemaps API is not being deprecated and you are not required to migrate.  The Basemaps API can still be used, for example, to list which basemaps you have access to and order basemaps by quad IDs.  However, we recommend using the Orders API to order basemaps.

Are there any known limitations to ordering Basemaps through the Orders API?

    • When using the merge tool, the maximum number of quads you may merge is approximately 25 quads (at 4096x4096 resolution).
    • Without using the merge tool, you can order at most 500 quads from a single basemap for download or delivery.  If you have more than 500 quads, we suggest batching your order into smaller areas of interest.
    • Ordering quads across basemap series is not supported at this time. 

Which Orders API raster tools can be used with the Basemaps?

You can use the following tools when using the Orders API to order a Basemap:

    • Clip
    • Reproject
    • Band Math
    • Merge 

How long does a basemap order typically take?

Similar to other Planet orders, basemaps orders delivery time will vary significantly based on the type of order placed and system traffic. Orders with a small number of quads and no merge tool can be expected to complete in less than 30 minutes.  Orders using the merge tool with complex combinations or specialized basemaps may take several hours to complete.

Can I use this tool to get a single image over an area-of-interest?

Yes, by ordering with an area-of-interest (AOI) and using the clip and merge tools, you can order a basemap as a single image just over your AOI.

Does this work with Planet’s integrations with ArcGIS, QGIS, or Google Earth Engine?

No, these tools for ordering basemaps are only available through the Orders API and Python SDK, today.  If you have a need to use these tools in our integrations, please contact your Customer Success Manager or Planet Technical Support.

Can I use the Orders API to order NICFI Basemaps

NICFI Basemaps cannot be ordered with the Orders API. For information on accessing NICFI Basemaps today, see the NICFI DATA Program User Guide.

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