Are there radiometric differences between PSScene3Band/PSScene4Band and PSScene?

Since Planet is going to deprecate the PSScene3Band and PSScene4Band assets, users might be wondering if radiometric values are still the same if switching over to the PSScene asset.

  • There are no changes from PSScene4Band to PSScene for SuperDove satellites.
  • However, for Dove-C and Dove-R satellites, we are using different coefficients for radiance products for creating the PSScene assets.
  • The radiometric calibration (going from DN to radiance values) for all Dove-C/Dove-R images went from being RapidEye to being Sentinel-2 in PSScene.

Therefore, users will experience differences in radiometric values if they compare Dove-C/Dove-R radiance products between PSScene3Band/PSScene4Band and PSScene. For SuperDove radiance products, no difference will be noticeable.

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