Searching and Ordering 8 Band Imagery in Planet Explorer

Since implementing PSScene in Planet Explorer in March 2022, ordering 8 band imagery is now possible through Planet Explorer.

8 band imagery is now available to all of our users and imagery availability dates back to March of 2020. PSScene products that are acquired by our sensor Super Dove (instrument PSB.SD) are available as 8 band imagery. 

In Planet Explorer, please select the Filter option underneath the search bar. If you scroll down, you can select an instrument type. Please choose PSB.SD, those satellites are capable of capturing 8 band imagery. Alternatively, you can select Spectral bands 'Coastal blue, green II and red bands', this will also only include 8 band imagery.



If you want to order the selected imagery as 8 band data, you can select this during the ordering process after naming your order in the first step. Please choose one of the available 8 band bundles and place your order.



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