How to Reactivate your Download Link Using cURL

Planet's download links are active for 24 hours. After that, users can curl their orders again to reactivate the download link.

You will need:

  • curl installed on your device. The installation process varies depending on the operating system you are using.
  • your Planet API key. It can be found in your Planet profile
  • your order ID. It can be found in your orders tab in Planet Explorer.

The curl command to execute in your console is the following:

curl -H "Authorization: api-key {api-key}"

Please enter your API key instead of {api-key} and place your order ID at the end of the link. Your order will then be reactivated.

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  • Can we reactivate orders using curl, no matter how long ago they were first created?

    I cannot download my previous order, which is 5-6 months old, using curl. I appreciate any help. 

  • Same issue with old downloads. I cannot download my previous order, which is several months old, using curl. I appreciate any help. 

  • It seems that this worked for me.

    My order was just over a month old (but still seemed downloadable in the Orders tab??)
    In the curl command, the order ID has to be used, this is a number like string like 15769fdf-5766-427f-9b99-078078c46b9a  (I've changed some numbers). In the Orders tab, you must click on any order to get the order ID. Else you must find the earlier email saying that your order was ready for download: the order ID is mentioned in the text of the email. 

    I also tried with an order that was about 3 months old and another one that was about 4 months old. These gave me an error like: 
    {"message":"Could not load order ID: 5134a053-b94a-421f-b590-6f8bxyz12336."}
    (again I changed some numbers)

    So maybe support could mention for how long orders are kept and thus for how long orders can be reactivated??

  • Orders older than 90 days will be deleted from the system and therefore cannot be reactivated. At that point you will need to place the order again for download. 


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