Details of the quota bars on my Account page



Each plan has a visualization of the remaining quota.  This visualization is meant to provide a quick view into how much quota is remaining.  

These quota bars update every 24 hours after midnight GMT each night.  Each night usage for the past 24 hours is calculated and posted to your account.  

Details of the Quota Bar

  1. Each plan is labeled with the product “Scene Download”,  “Scene Tile”, or “Basemap Tile” and the quota style “Premium”, “Preferred”, “Starter” or “Area Under Management”.  The quota style determines how usage of the product is added up, for example Premium quota plans allow clipping and have a minimum clip charge of 0.01 sq km.  Scene Tile and Basemap Tile products do not have quota styles. mceclip1.png
  2. The quota bar visualization shows the percentage of quota consumed.  Normally this quota bar is blue, when you are low on quota it turns yellow and when you are out of quota it turns red.    
  3. The number of days remaining to use your quota is listed.  Annual subscriptions end 365 days after starting.  Monthly plans start on the first calendar day of the month and expire on the last day of the month. 
  4. Many customers build solutions on top of Planet imagery.  Plans may be set to allow usage over their purchased quota to ensure vital business operations are not interrupted during renewals or expansion discussions.  Overage set to ON allows usage in excess of the purchased amount.  A plan set to Overage = OFF will not allow downloads or streaming after the purchased quota has been used.   
  5. The quota bar also the total amount of product remaining, purchased and used to give you specific information about your usage at a glance.  

Quota Styles

  • Premium / Preferred / Download 
  • Tile Streaming 


Additional Quota Bar States 

Quota bars are also displayed when you are set to unlimited quota.  Some products include unlimited quota.  For example when you purchase a basemap you may stream this into your 


In some cases customers may exceed their quota and the quota bar will show more than 100% of quota used.  This occurs in instances where we prioritize seamless customer experiences over quota enforcement.  

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