What are the details for Area Under Management subscriptions?


Background Information 

Area Under Management is a subscription to PlanetScope imagery that gives customers access to our full archive and every image we collect over their Area of Interest (AOI) for 1 year.  This is a great fit for customers that want to take full advantage of PlanetScope’s high cadence.  

How is Area Under Management usage measured?  

  • The first image you download over an area ‘unlocks’ that area.  You can download all of the imagery from our archive over that same area and all of the imagery we collect over that same area until your 1 year subscription expires.  
  • When you download imagery that download is compared to everything that has been downloaded before and you are charged only for imagery over new areas that you have not downloaded before.   The union of all downloaded imagery is calculated and reported back to you every day, so you know how much area you have downloaded.  (See usage reports)mceclip0.png

Area Under Management subscriptions include:   

  • PlanetScope imagery, full archive and every image collected over the AOI
  • Imagery: PlanetScope, Sentinel, Landsat - Download Only (no RapidEye)
  • All Ordering tools, including clipping
  • All delivery methods: Orders, Subscriptions, Data, Explorer

Area of Interest AOIs

There’s no need to tell us where you want to download in advance, no up front Area of Interest is needed to start your subscription.   We simply keep track of where you download and give you a daily update of how much area you have ‘unlocked’.  

It is not possible to ‘move’ the area you have unlocked after you first download an image over this area.  Downloading one image over one hectare is charged one hectare.  Downloading 100 images over the same hectare is charged one hectare.  So it makes the most sense to choose Area Under Management subscriptions when you want to download many images over the same area to monitor or see change over time.  

Area Under Management quota is not directly tied to your Subscriptions API.  You are charged quota when imagery from a subscription is delivered.   Cancelling a Subscriptions does not remove it from your usage history or allow you to ‘move’ your AOI for your Area Under Management subscription.  

Area Under Management Reports   

Area Under Management usage reports are generated daily and summarize all usage from the start of the subscription to the date of the report.  

Daily AUM Report 


Date that the user(s) downloaded the imagery.  

Daily Quota Area Under Management (sq km)

The amount of area downloaded that day minus any overlaps of downloads that day. The unions of the downloads for that day.

Cumulative Quota Area Under Management (sq km)  

Total area under management quota consumed for this reporting period, contract term to date of the entry (row). The union of all downloads over the reporting period.

More Details  

The minimum term of an Area Under Management contract is 1 year.  It is not possible to purchase it in smaller time periods, because it grants access to our full archive.  

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    I wonder if this "Area Under Management" subscription can be combined with a free "Education & Research" subscription to increase 5000 sq/km2/month download limitation?


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