How to order PlanetScope 5-Band imagery

If you would like to order 5-Band PlanetScope imagery in Planet Explorer, please find a tutorial down below.


In Planet Explorer, please upload your AOI as usual. PlanetScope 5band imagery is only available for PSOrthoTiles. You may use a filter in Planet Explorer to filter for OrthoTiles specifically. 5band OrthoTiles are only available for a product when they were taken with the instrument PSB.SD, our next generation Planetscope satellites. You may use the instrument filter for this one as well so that you will only be shown OrthoTiles that have 5 bands available. You can find the instrument filter all the way at the bottom. Please select 'PSB.SD' for next generation Doves.


After going through the results and selecting the products you would like to order, go to order scenes as usual. After naming the order, please choose the asset type 'Analytic Radiance (TOAR) 5b'. You will then receive 5band PlanetScope imagery. 

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  • Hi Julia 

    I still get the three-band(RGB) image.


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