PlanetScope Asset & Item Names

The following table shows the legacy item types and their associated asset types and bundles and maps to the new PSScene item type and its corresponding assets and bundles. 

Note: PSScene3Band and PSScene4Band item types and assets were deprecated in January 2023. These item types will not be available for new customers provisioned after March 1, 2022. We recommend all customers who are interested in medium-resolution imagery use the PSScene item type.

  • The "Before" column on the left shows the item type and asset type that you may have used in the past. For example, previously, you may have used the _PSScene3band_ item type to get a _visual_ asset.
  • The “PSScene Asset Types” column provides the comparable types for individual asset requests. For example, to get a visual asset now, use _PSScene_ and _ortho_visual_. 
  • The "PSScene Product Bundle" column lists the related item types and product bundles available now. For example, to request a visual product bundle, use the _PSScene_ item type and the _visual_ product bundle.

Looking at the table, you'll see that regardless of the asset or product bundle you want, you only have to use one item type: _PSScene_.


PSScene Asset Types PSScene Product Bundles
If you previously used these Item and asset types... ...use the following Item and asset types: ...use the following Item and product bundles:
PSscene3band PSScene PSScene
visual → ortho_visual visual
analytic →


*only available for instrument type PS0, PS1 and PS2 (Dove-C)

analytic_xml → ortho_analytic_3b_xml analytic_3b_udm2


PSscene4band PSScene PSScene
analytic → ortho_analytic_4b analytic_udm2
analytic_sr → ortho_analytic_4b_sr analytic_sr_udm2
analytic_xml → ortho_analytic_4b_xml



basic_analytic → basic_analytic_4b basic_analytic_udm2
basic_analytic_rpc → basic_analytic_4b_rpc



basic_analytic_xml → basic_analytic_4b_xml basic_analytic_udm2
basic_udm2 → basic_udm2 basic_analytic_udm2
udm2 → ortho_udm2


analytic_sr_ udm2





New 8-band assets and bundles PSScene PSScene
ortho_analytic_8b analytic_8b_udm2
ortho_analytic_8b_sr analytic_8b_sr_udm2



basic_analytic_8b basic_analytic_8b_udm2
basic_analytic_8b_xml basic_analytic_8b_udm2


Where is the PlanetScope 5-band asset?

PSScene does not have 5-band assets.

Do all asset types carry over to PSScene?

The following assets are unavailable with PSScene:

PSScene3Band: analytic_dn, analytic_dn_xml, basic_analytic, basic_analytic_dn, basic_analytic_dn_rpc, basic_analytic_dn_xml, basic_analytic_rpc, basic analytic xml, basic_udm, udm

PSScene4Band: analytic_dn, analytic_dn_xml, basic_analytic_dn, basic_anallytic_dn_nitf, basic_analytic_dn_rpc, basic_analytic_dn_rpc_nitf, basic_analytic_dn_xml, basic_analytic_dn_xml_nitf, basic_analytic_nitf, basic_analytic_rpc_nitf, basic_analytic_xml_nitf, basic_udm, udm

Note: NITF assets are available by using the Orders API “File Format” Tool.

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