What are the Product Bundles Available with Planet?

Product bundles comprise of a group of assets for an item. In the Planet API, an item is an entry in our catalog, and generally represents a single logical observation (or scene) captured by a satellite. Each item is defined by an item_type, which represents the class of spacecraft and/or processing level of the item. Assets (or products, such as visual or analytic) can be derived from the item's source data. In addition, Product Bundles will also include a GeoJSON metadata file describing the spatial location and geographic features of an item.

With the Orders API, you have to specify the product bundles in your request. You can request fallback bundles, which allow Orders to pick an alternate bundle if your first choice can’t be found.

To learn more about the items & assets in each bundle, visit the Planet developer page for Scenes Product Bundles.

For more information on items and assets, visit our Data API docs.


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