Download PSScene4Band image and received Error: "Order request resulted in no acceptable assets. Likely due to lack of permissions."


Why am I receiving this error: "Order request resulted in no acceptable assets. Likely due to lack of permissions", when trying to download a PSScene4band image with scene ID: 20210627_190616_0f02 and the analytic or analytic_xml assets? 


The reason for the failed order with the scene ID 20210627_190616_0f02 is because that item doesn't have the analytic or analytic_xml assets in its permissions. A good fallback product bundle, if you want to use the same item and if works for your use case, is "uncalibrated_dn" asset. For more information on our different product bundles please go here:


If you conduct a GET request using the data API url: you will see the following resuluts:


Notice how the analytic_dn asset type is NOT the same as analytic asset type for download. The "dn" represents digital number, which cannot be downloaded using the Orders API (v2). If you instead use "uncalibrated_dn" asset type in your payload the order will succeed. This does depend on your particular use case, please see the link above to learn more about the different product bundle (asset) types. 


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