What is included in the Global Trial?

Global Trial access includes:

  • Access to preview Planet’s global* PlanetScope and RapidEye catalog (3-5m/px)
  • Access to preview Planet’s archive of SkySat imagery at limited resolution (30-40m/px). Please note, the trial does not include the ability to task a SkySat image. To see full resolution SkySat imagery, download SkySat samples.
  • Access to Landsat 8 and Sentinel-2 datasets
  • Global quarterly & monthly Planet Basemaps
  • Planet Account will be valid for 90 days 
  • For 90 days, you can stream 10,000 scene tiles and 10,000 basemap tiles; after you’ve used up your 10,000 tiles you will be able to preview thumbnails only. Learn how to check your usage.

For 90 days, you will have API Access. Learn how to access your API key.


*Global AOI Trial does not include access to data over China, Indonesia and Ukraine

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  • I don't want to waste my time if Ukraine is unavailable.


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