Why Planet surface reflectance product uses 6S atmospheric radiative transfer model?

While we understand that there are various atmospheric radiative transfer model out there (see here), Planet uses the 6S model due to a number of reasons:

  1. It is easily integrated to Planet platform
  2. It is one of the more widely used radiative transfer codes
  3. It is used as part of the atmospheric correction of Landsat-8 imagery, so out-of-the-box is tuned towards satellite applications
  4. Because of its wide use, there are many scientific papers out there validating its accuracy and suitability for Planet surface reflectance product
  5. It is freely available and unencumbered by licensing issues
  6. A source code is available and easily compiled, opening the possibility of customizations if needed
  7. A Python library exists (Py6S) which makes generating configuration files for 6S and reading the output files easier.
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