How to Find Your Order IDs

If a customer is seeking support for potential failed orders, Technical Support will request the order ID to start investigating. 

To locate the Order ID:

1. Log in to Planet Explorer 
2. Access your Planet account by clicking the icon in the top right corner.


3. Click the "My Orders" tab to see a list of all orders placed via Planet Explorer or Planet API.


4. When clicking a specific order, you will be able to see further information on it, including name, Order ID, date of creation and products you have ordered. Copy the order ID and provide it to Technical Support.


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  • how can I retrieve the order id through CLI? I am using CLI to order but when I try to download it asks me order id. I just want to download all orders I ordered. Downloading using a specific id seems tedious if order ids are not retrievable automatically for all my orders at once.


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