My NDVI Image is 0 or Full Black

It can be due to incorrect "pixel_type". If your "pixel_type" is an integer you will not be getting variation (-1 to 1), you will be getting only two values, 0 or 1. In a lot of cases, it will be only 0 (due to rounding of floating values to integer values).

Planet API allows users to do on the fly NDVI Calculation. This requires users to have a valid Planet API key. The sample code is based on analytic and basic_analytic asset types of the following item_types:

  • PSOrthoTile
  • REOrthoTile
  • PSScene4Band
  • PSScene8Band

You can use this sample code to try the NDVI calculation on PlanetScope 4 Band image.

  “tools”: [
      “bandmath”: {
        “b1": “b1”,
        “b2": “b2”,
        “b3": “b3”,
        “b4": “b4”,
        “b5": “(b4-b3)/(b4+b3)“,
        “pixel_type”: “32R”      }
      “single_archive”: true,

The output of this tool will be an asset that includes all four bands of the original file and the fifth band with NDVI values.

Note: You can change the item_ids to desired Planet Imagery. The "32R" signifies a 32bit floating-point data type.

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