How to fix QGIS 'Enter Credentials' wizard/"Master Authentication Pop-up" when using Planet Plugin?

If you are getting an "Enter Credentials" or "Master Authentication" pop-up when trying to log in to Planet Plugin.Screen_Shot_2021-02-03_at_8.41.18_PM.png

To fix this follow either of the processes:

New Profile

  • Close all instances of QGIS & Open a new instance of QGIS
  • Navigate to Settings > User Profile > New profileScreen_Shot_2021-02-07_at_12.56.30_PM.png
  • Enter Profile Name & click "OK".                                   Screen_Shot_2021-02-07_at_12.57.34_PM.png
  • Re-install the plugin from zipping (downloaded from our Dev center) or via Plugin ManagerScreen_Shot_2021-02-07_at_12.59.03_PM.png

Granting Permission

   For Mac Users:

  • Open Keychain Access
    • Click on QGIS> Get Info> Access Control> Click Allow all applications to access this item & click Save                      Screen_Shot_2021-02-07_at_1.06.50_PM.png
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