What are Save Searches & how to create them?

Saved Searches are a helpful choice for handling searches that you use repeatedly. Saved Searches can be easily retrieved and executed for repeated use with optionally support daily email notifications for newly published imagery that meets your search conditions.

Using Planet APIs

Kindly refer to our development center for detailed documentation on how to create save searches using Planet APIs: https://developers.planet.com/docs/apis/data/quick-saved-search/#:~:text=Saved%20Search%20is%20a%20helpful,which%20meets%20your%20search%20criteria.

Using Planet Explorer

  • Login to Planet Explorer
  • Search for desired area & conditions
  • Once you got the desired result click on Save search, this will create a new save search for future use                                                                        Screen_Shot_2021-02-15_at_10.54.56_AM.png
  • Enter Name & you can choose to opt for getting notifications or not by toggling the button(you can change this option later also.)                                          Screen_Shot_2021-02-15_at_10.56.25_AM.png
  • Once done you can access this from Save Search PanelScreen_Shot_2021-02-15_at_11.00.21_AM.png
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