How do I enable notifications for new imagery?

The Planet Platform has a mechanism for notifying users when there are new images in an area of interest. To receive these messages, you must first create a workspace and then turn on notifications.
*Note that notifications are currently only active for PlanetScope data*

First, you will need to create an area of interest inside Scene Explorer. This can be done by drawing a single point or a polygon, or by uploading a GeoJSON geometry.

Next, set the TOI.

To receive proper notifications the TOI must be set to the current date otherwise your workspace will not include new scenes coming into the platform. 

Edit filters if desired

*Note that notifications are currently only active for PlanetScope data*

Save the workspace

This saves the AOI, TOI and designated filters to the workspace. Also, if you would like to make changes in the future load the workspace change the parameters and press the SAVE WORKSPACE button.

Name your Workspace

Set notifications on through workspace settings

Search for workspace and enable email notifications

Editing and saving existing workspaces


The RESET button will return you to the default home screen but will not save changes made to the workspace.

The MANAGE button will allow you to search, select, delete workspaces and enable notifications for new imagery within the AOI of your workspace. 


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