Why Are Some Sentinel-2 Images Missing?

If you find missing tiles in Sentinel Hub, we recommend that you first check whether the data has even been published by the European Space Agency (ESA). The best way to check this is to use the “Search” function in the Copernicus Browser.

There can be several reasons for missing data - for example, there could be an error in the processing chain of the Copernicus ground segment, or it could be debris avoidance. Sometimes there are also problems with the satellite itself (e.g. Sentinel-1B failed completely in December 2021 and the data has been unavailable ever since). If there is an interruption in satellite operation, this is logged in ESA’s Events Viewer. If the data cannot be found there, we recommend that you address the question to ESA.

If the data is present in the Copernicus Browser but missing in the Sentinel Hub, you can open a support ticket by emailing support@planet.com with a link to the specific data, including the product identifiers.

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