How to Run a Custom Script in EO Browser?

  1. Finding the appropriate satellite scene
    • Search for the location of your interest either by scrolling through the map using your mouse or by entering the location in the search field on the right side of your screen.
    • Choose from which satellites you want to receive the data (checkboxes on the left side of your screen).
    • Select maximum Cloud coverage percentage.
    • Select the time range by either typing the date or selecting the date from the calendar.
  2. In the Results tab choose your candidate satellite image by clicking the Visualize button.
  3. In the Visualization tab choose the Custom (Create custom rendering) button.
  4. Open the custom script dialog with clicking on the </> icon.
    EO Browser screenshot
  5. Write your own script or copy custom scripts, which are stored elsewhere, either on Google drive, GitHub or in our Custom script repository. In case the script is too long, check this description. For more information on how to create custom scripts check our Custom Script Tutorial and a friendly video guide.
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