Planetary Variables in Sentinel Hub


Where can I learn more about how to get started on Sentinel Hub?

Please review the Beginner's Guide.

Where can I learn more about EOBrowser and Third Party Data Import (TPDI) API?

Please review the Third Party Data Import API and EO Browser documentation.

What Planetary Variables can I import with TDPI and how do I do it?

Please review the documentation to understand how to import data or read the Walkthrough section. 

What will I be able to do in SH?

Sentinel Hub supports a wide range of core capabilities that most customers will be able to benefit.

  • Create PV subscriptions and host the data within Sentinel Hub toStream PVs into GIS software with the OGC API. 
  • Use the Processing & Statistical API to create time series analysis and run other processing over PV data.
  • Perform analysis and processing over large areas or time scales using the Asynchronous Processing API, Batch Processing API, and Batch Statistical API.

How can I (a customer) gain access to SH?

You may go through Sentinel Hub self-service flow to sign up for a trial program to get access for 30-days where you can TPDI API to get the Planet data compatible with Sentinel Hub (Planetscope, SkySatCollects, PVs) to perform time series analysis. After 30 days passes, customers must talk to their CSM to purchase additional access.

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