What is the difference between a Automated Timelapse and a Automated basemap?

Automated Timelapse Basemaps refer to a specific time interval over which data may be collected and used for the basemap.  For example, a 2017 Q1 Automated Timelapse Basemap means that all of the data making up the basemap were only collected from January 1 to March 31 of 2017. Similarly, a 2017 April Automated Timelapse Basemap means that the data only come from April of 2017.  Automated Timelapse Basemaps are optimized for data freshness, and may have some visual imperfections depending on imaging conditions over the time lapse.  


Automated Timelapse intervals are fixed for quarterly and monthly basemaps:


Q1 = January - March

Q2 = April - June

Q3 = July - September

Q4 = October - December


Monthly basemaps represent the first of every month to the last day of that month.  


Automated Basemaps are not constrained to a specific time window. Automated Basemaps are optimized for the visual appearance and data are taken from a wider time range.  There is no specific time limit from which Automated Basemaps are generated, but Planet starts with the most recent scenes and works back in time to find the best imagery possible.  

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