What Is the Difference Between a Automated Timelapse and a Automated Basemap?

For Timelapse Basemaps, imagery selection is constrained to within the specified time of interest for the Timelapse period (for example, a March 2018 basemap will only have data collected from March 01- March 31 of 2018 within the capture time zone). Timelapse Basemaps source imagery inputs are restricted to a specific period, as defined by the contracted Time of Interest (TOI).

For Seasonal Basemaps, such as a Spring 2018 basemap, imagery selection is strongly weighted to lie within the calendar season. However, it might extend beyond the calendar dates to find optimal visual imagery.

Planet creates Automated Basemaps using a proprietary algorithm called “best scene on top” algorithm that selects the highest quality PlanetScope or RapidEye imagery from Planet’s catalog. By selecting the best images from frequent imaging intervals, Planet ensures the highest quality and precision while minimizing the impact of seasonality, cloud cover, haze, and image misalignments.

To find out more, access our Basemaps Product documentation

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