Querying data api and CLI leads to empty features list

The primary issue currently is that I'm unable to get new image IDs. When I queried the Data API I received the following response (see the below quoted text) but when I follow the links, the webpage that opens up is contains the identical text (starting from the {"_links":... line) as below. Is this a correct and complete response from the Data API? {'item_types': ['SkySatScene'], 'filter': {'type': 'AndFilter', 'config': [{'type': 'GeometryFilter', 'field_name': 'geometry', 'config': {'type': 'Polygon', 'coordinates': [[[-119.70703125, 55.19141243527063], [-117.39990234375, 55.19141243527063], [-117.39990234375, 56.28605924471002], [-119.70703125, 56.28605924471002], [-119.70703125, 55.19141243527063]]]}}, {'type': 'DateRangeFilter', 'field_name': 'acquired', 'config': {'gte': '2019-06-01T00:00:00.000Z', 'lte': '2019-06-20T00:00:00.000Z'}}, {'type': 'RangeFilter', 'field_name': 'cloud_cover', 'config': {'lte': 0.05}}]}} { "_links": { "_first": PL_API_KEY , "_next": null, "_self": "PL_API_KEY " }, "features": [], "type": "FeatureCollection" } After I was not able to use the Data API, I attempted to use the command line with the command you provided (see quoted text below for the command I was running) but results.json showed an empty list of features. {"features": [], "type": "FeatureCollection"} The command I ran: planet --api-key "PL_API_KEY" data search --item-type SkySatScene --asset-type visual --geom map.geojson --date acquired gt 2019-06-01 --date acquired lt 2019-06-20 --range cloud_cover lt 0.05 --limit 100 > results.json Is there anything incorrect with this command that could have led to the empty list?



  • Note. I have updated the original post to remove the API key. API keys should never be shared in public forums. 

  • Hi Michelle,

    What account are you using to make the Data API calls? Are you getting any specific errors or just an empty list?

    There can be a few factors that produce an error like this

    1. There may be no SkySat scenes in the given time frame with the cloud cover you selected along with the asset type. Try to remove the cloud cover filter to see if the results change
    2. The geometry may have to be expanded to see more search results

    Thank you


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