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I want to send satellite images ordered from Planet to GEE using the API.
I was new to using APIs, so I followed the following two tutorials to set up Google Cloud Project.

The last video in the tutorial used Postman, so I installed Postman for the first time.
However, I did not know how to configure Postman, so I followed the following two tutorials.
As a result, I was able to order satellite images using the API (first tutorial URL), but I was not able to send the ordered satellite images to GEE (second tutorial URL).

I have little knowledge of APIs, so I have not done anything that is not mentioned in these guides.
In order to send the ordered images to GEE, do I need to do something else to link my GEE account with my Planet account?




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    Hi Ryoki,

    I have created a ticket for this issue and will reach out to you separately. 


  • Hi Abhishek, 

    I had the same issue as Ryoki, and while someone from Planets did reach out and help with this, it would be nice to have updated resources for integration with GEE. 


  • Hi Rewanth Ravindran,

    All the resources are up to date. I found the issue and will be reaching out to you via ticket.


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