How can I cancel an order?

Orders may be cancelled while they are in a queued state. After an order moves into a running state, it may no longer be cancelled.

You can cancel a single order with the following request:


Example Request*


Example Response

  "_links": {
    "_self": ""
  "created_on": "2019-11-15T16:13:53.232Z",
  "error_hints": [],
  "id": "f12bc37d-ffce-423e-9a9a-deb34a423b82",
  "last_message": "Cancel success",
  "last_modified": "2019-11-15T16:16:00.512Z",
  "name": "test-single-cancel",
  "products": [
      "item_ids": [
      "item_type": "PSScene3Band",
      "product_bundle": "visual"
      "item_ids": [
      "item_type": "PSScene4Band",
      "product_bundle": "analytic"
  "state": "cancelled"

More information can be found here:


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