Extracting inputs to the atmospheric correction in a PlanetScope or SkySat surface reflectance image

Associated metadata describing inputs to the correction is included in a GeoTIFF ImageDescription metadata header as a JSON encoded string. By using Python, you can extract the inputs from a PlanetScope or SkySat image atmospherically corrected surface reflectance product (analityc_sr, ortho_analytic_sr).

import rasterio
import json

filename = rasterio.open('20210913_211131_ssc15_u0001_analytic_SR.tif') #item ID: PlanetScope or SkySat

tags = filename.tags()['TIFFTAG_IMAGEDESCRIPTION']
jtags = json.loads(tags)
atm_inputs = jtags['atmospheric_correction']
print ("atmospheric correction", json.dumps(atm_inputs, indent=4))



For more information about Planet Surface Reflectance please check this document:


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