OrthoRectifying All Frames SkySat product


What is the most effective techniques for orthorectifying the All Frames SkySat imagery product? Also is there some background information for the all-frames asset?



The All-Frames asset includes all of the originally captured frames in a SkySat collect (SkySats capture up to 50 frames per second per collect), uncalibrated and in a raw digital number format. They are delivered with basic L1A panchromatic DN imagery files, along with RPC txt files and a JSON pinhole camera model.

Since the all-frames asset are delivered with RPC’s, that means that any normal approach to orthorectification with RPC’s should be reasonable. For example, "gdalwarp" (https://gdal.org/tutorials/warp_tut.html). The all-frames RPC’s are just based on satellite pointing, meaning that they are more prone to misplacement issues.


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