How to place a basic imagery order using Postman

Postman is an API client used to develop, create, test, share and document APIs.


1. Open Postman and click on Create New > HTTP Request


2. You will see the Startup Screen.


3. Set your HTTP request to POST.

4. In the URL field insert (Orders API):

5. Switch to the Authorization tab and select

    a. Type:  Basic Auth 

    b. Username: API_KEY

    c. Note: Leave the Password field empty


6. Switch to the Body tab and insert the request body. Select Body > raw > select JSON


JSON body: Here, you can use Tools & Toolchains.

   "name":"simple order",


7. Click Send button
8. ​​You will see 202 Accepted status.
9. A successful response will give the order id and status of the order.


How to download a basic order using Postman

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