Where can I download the V2.1 Planet Plugin for ArcGIS Pro?

Download Link - https://www.esri.com/en-us/arcgis-marketplace/listing/products/d4ad47a5b1024ca7b376076955014cff


The Planet ArcGIS Add-In V2.1 is an ArcGIS Pro Add-In that can be installed and added to your ArcGIS Pro software. In December 2019, Planet released its Planet ArcGIS Add-In V1, which supported search, streaming and download capabilities for Planet imagery & Basemaps. In January 2021, Planet released the Planet ArcGIS Add-In V2. And in July 2021, Planet updated the V2 Add-in with a 2.1 patch.

In V2, Planet strengthened these features and added new capabilities to help users get the most value from their Planet subscription in ArcGIS. Updates users can find in V2:

  • Improved metadata display and customization in the Planet Imagery Search Panel
  • New ability to save your search to preserve search filters from the Planet Imagery Search Panel
  • More Search filters
  • Clip imagery downloads to your AOI
  • Improved Planet Basemap discovery interface and Basemap download tools
  • Ability to determine contributing source scene to a Planet Basemap
  • Ability to set an AOI for high-res tasking in ArcGIS
  • And more!

In V2.1, the Add-In now has stronger support for imagery downloads, including:

  • Full support for imagery assets across all Planet item types such as rectified and un-rectified assets
  • Consistent download experience between Planet Explorer and the ArcGIS Add-In
  • An improved imagery checkout process with clearer documentation for imagery assets
  • Support for arbitrary geometry clipping and multi-polygon clipping
  • Support for downloading Basemap quads across a series of selected Basemaps

The Planet ArcGIS Add-In V2.1 adds a Planet Imagery ribbon to your ArcGIS Pro project with the following panels:

System Requirements

  • Works on ArcGIS Pro 2.4.3 and up
  • Python 3.6+
  • Planet subscription or trial for accessing Planet data

More details - https://developers.planet.com/docs/integrations/arcgis/ 

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