How to search for imagery by Latitude and Longitude in Planet Explorer

You can search for imagery by typing the geographic coordinate into the search bar in the upper left corner of Planet Explorer Interface.


1. Log in to Planet Explorer

2. In the search bar in the upper left corner, insert your coordinate. The format of the coordinate can be as follows (Lat/Long): 

  • 37.77° N, 122.41° W - decimal degrees (DD)
  • 37° 46’ 24″ N 122° 24′ 40″ W  - degrees-minutes-seconds (DMS)

3. You will see a circular AOI with a diameter of ~16 km. The diameter will vary by the latitude of the center coordinate.


Note: To correct problems due to differences in coordinate systems, the coordinate may need to be transformed to WGS84 geographic coordinate system (Lat/Long), which is compatible with PlanetExplorer.

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